West Competition Racing scores the most points in RLR at Spa-Francorchamps

Alex Cascatău claims a podium on a track he adores, while Radu Dumitrescu fares strongly in both races.

All the WCR contingent had reasons to smile on Sunday evening, with a string of solid results (and good fortune) made the week-long form turn into heaps of points. Bogdan Moldovan, Radu Dumitrescu and Alex Cascatău were evenly matched in qualifying as they lined up 5th, 6th and 7th, while Mihai Neg and Mihnea Georgescu couldn't find room for a clean lap and left themselves with more work to do. Meanwhile, Mihnea Hiru was keeping a close eye on the proceedings in the main event, having celebrated his first win in the support race earlier in the afternoon.

Early in Race 1, Cascatău moved ahead of Dumitrescu and benefitted from an ill-timed move from his championship rival Moisescu to rise up to 5th at the flag, spending most of the time right behind WCR Academy recruit Bogdan Moldovan. Dumitrescu ended 8th, with Neg settling for two points down in 14th.

Race 2 meant a huge shock, as on lap 2 there was a chain reaction on Kemmel Straight that took out all three main championship contenders and almost claimed Cascatău as well. Hit by a spinning car, Alex regained control of his damaged BMW and chased third placed Prepeliță, passing him for his third appearance on a podium in Racing League Romania this season. Close behind, Dumitrescu and Moldovan crossed the finish line 5th and 6th.

Good progress was the name of the game for Mihai Neg as well in the #21 Histria eSports Team car (8th) and for Mihnea Georgescu everything went right as he found his way through the pack from 24th to 10th. These results mean that West Competition Racing are even more confident of their second place in the teams' classification, while WCR Academy closes the gap to fourth. Zandvoort will be the next place to shine in 7 days time.

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