West Competition Racing enlarges the circle of friendship en route to Transilvania Motor Ring

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

The third round of the Romanian Endurance Series takes place this weekend at the Mureș County facility, a track we absolutely adore. Not just for the way corners are profiled, but also for the warmth of the people in the area.

Six weeks have passed since the previous race, but trials and tribulations continued long after the flag fell. One can only hope to leave it all behind as a mere footnote, as our driver Dinu Dumitrașcu ably put it: "let's just prove our worth on the racetrack and not steer away from our main objective". Unlike those playing along with words, what we define as objectives for this season is clear: aiming for the titles in the A2 category (we lead by 8 points) and the RES Touring division (we trail by 24 points).

As the championship doesn't seem to recover after the 500km race, keeping the entry list similar to that contest (16 opponents) and not the opening 2021 round (28), the organizers switched RES3 to a singular two hour race, that includes GTs (just 3), prototypes (6) and touring cars. The challenge of a massive pace difference awaits: a Norma M20 FC should dip below 1:30, whilst the Logan Cup contingent challenges the 2-minute mark. Will it be dangerous on all the blind crests or just spectacular? We shall see it live, on Sunday.

Our BMW E36 325i had its first race in Romania on this track in May 2019 (solo effort by Alex Șiclovan). It was an unforgettable experience - the first wet race in the history of endurance racing in our country and we could be heading for more of the same now. Later that year, in August, we came back on Transilvania Motor Ring in PTG colors, promoting the emotional story of a certain dog (The Art of Racing in the Rain) at the first event where Alex and Dinu partenered. We won't spoil the surprise now, but pay attention for another doggo on our car!

The 2021 calendar promised variety - revisiting Târgu Mureș and racing on Motorpark reverse. This offer delighted us and weighed heavily in our decision to come back in the Romanian Endurance Series after a sabbatical year. We feel like home in Transylvania, in a city that cares a lot about racing and welcomes us in a memorable way. Alex Șiclovan

The WCR effort is doubled for the first time this year, as we throw in a second car in the hardest battle - the single-make Dacia Logan Cup - for rookies Radu Dumitrescu and Vadim Prisăcaru under the Smart Driving banner. Both had chances to shine in time attack competitions last year and both share the love for the Transilvania Motor Ring layout. Radu currently races in the Radical Romanian Cup, where he won a race in the SR1 category and sits P2 in the mid-season standings. His desire to dip into endurance racing is nothing new and by pairing with Vadim the podium opportunity is there for the taking. Five other crews will do anything to deny them.

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