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Video news: Post-race penalties promote Alex Cascatău on the podium of the first RLR race in Austria

The sporting panel gives, the sporting panel takes: West Competition Racing claims a podium in both races, but Cascatău and Dumitrescu lose their points in Race 2.

Two days after the eventful first weekend of Season 5 in Racing League Romania, all the scrutiny brought a string of penalties meant to calm down the heated pack of sim racers. In Race 1, Alex Cascatău was involved in a three-way fight for second in which his rivals made contact - an action for which Andrei Bechir (Apex Hunters Red) was deemed responsible and penalized with an additional 10 seconds. Thus, Cascatău got third place and 15 points.

Race 2 was fruitful for WCR, as Academy novice Bogdan Moldovan led and ultimately finished second. Behind him, chaos made his teammates both victims and aggressors in key moments of the 30-minute showdown. Cascatău, Dumitrescu and Georgescu were all hit with 30s penalties that got the first two out of the top 15 and, subsequently, out of the points. This outcome reduces the tally of West Competition Racing, but still keeps them third in the standings, one point ahead of WCR Academy.

The fast-paced RLR means it's already time to make amends in pre-qualifying for Round 2 that takes place this Sunday evening at 20:30 (GMT+2) on Motorpark Romania. Currently, after two days of lapping, Dumitrescu (P2) and Cascatău (P4) are sending out a clear message, proving that real-life hundreds of laps on this track matter in the sim as well.

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