The heart of the deal: West Competition Racing ensures the growth of Racing League Romania

The leading sim racing series in Romania attracts more and more interest and West Competition Racing perfected a pair of new deals to further boost the credentials of the championship.

Troubled times like these are also a period of reflection, as social distancing makes everyone look for alternate pastimes and opportunities to engage. Winter is the season of hope and plans in the racing world, but the pandemic outburst postponed the spring rejuvenation on all tracks and the sporting mindset had to be fed otherwise. Virtual racing, the scene is all yours!

Racing League Romania followed the traditional path of a gaming community - a string of technical competences developed over time guaranteed the best framework for all the others. It's been active for more than a decade, key being sticking to its core values and principles. West Competition Racing saw the potential to apply some of the marketing and promotion strategies developed in real life motorsport to the sim racing universe as well - thus, a partnership was sealed in 2019, during RLR Season 4.

With immediate effect, the online races got a professional commentary service and, for the first time, the series celebrated its champions at a year-end prizegiving ceremony organized by West Competition Racing with newly-found gracious partners of the highest caliber: Porsche Brand Romania, Michelin Motorsport (through national dealer APR Competition), Racing Sim and 100% Sport.

Three months of preparation ahead of Season 5 passed in no time, with WCR people always on call to explore new avenues. A subsequent deal was struck with BMW Romania, ensuring both an exceptional press distribution service and a wide audience for the race streams. The snowball effect says that "exposure brings more exposure", as the start of the virtual action on March, 15 raised a lot of interest.

"It exceeded all our expectations, given that every form of real racing was suddenly gone. People were looking for live action, replays can't keep you on the edge of your seat. We gave them not just a novelty, but also an engaging show and a chance to stay close to the athletes they support - big names joined the RLR field and the list keeps on growing" said Alexandru Șiclovan, WCR manager. Over 10.000 views for the first two rounds were a solid argument to make the next bold move.

"We're the first to admit that we couldn't hope for the cards to fall this fast in our favour, but, of course, we'll gladly take it! Striking a TV deal was a long-term goal and it's now a reality" confessed WCR lead figure Alex Cascatău at the end of a phone call that marked a compelling milestone: starting from Round 3 at Imola this weekend, Telekom Sport will broadcast Racing League Romania. A premiere like no other for the national sim racing scene.

Meanwhile, West Competition Racing was also active on the front of negotiating a partnership with renowned lubricants company Motul - a very familiar brand for racing enthusiasts. The Japanese company, most famous for their title sponsorship of World Superbike and the long-term Nissan partnership, will reward the top achievers of each RLR round, marking another key moment for the evolution of the series.

Success brings more success - the echoes of these innovative partnerships fill our hearts and motivate us to push even further in assuring the development of Racing League Romania.

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