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RLR Radical Sprint Cup: A story of what could have been from day one

Following a week of preparation, the inaugural event of the Racing League Romania Radical Sprint Cup ended in bitter disappointment for the West Competition Racing entrants.

The evening started with a quick shakedown and nothing to choose in practice between Victor Nicolae (Aqirys Racing) in 8th and Andrei Ursan (Textar eSports) in 9th - just 8 thousandths of a second splitting them. Mihai Rusu in the second Textar eSports car ended practice in 16th and replicated the placement immediately after, in qualifying. Nicolae's last attempt got him into the 1:15s, good enough for P5, while Ursan was less than a tenth behind Victor. In a tight pack, this meant P8 on the grid and hopes to leave the heated mid-pack behind.

It wasn't to be, as both Rusu and Ursan got caught in early domino effects through no fault of their own, leaving them empty-handed at Laguna Seca. Sole survivor Victor Nicolae battled on and became his harshest critic following some errors that derailed his progress. Looking at the race pace, he knew he had the speed to claim a pair of podiums. He battled on to finish 6th in both heats, gathering important points that keep him in the hunt for the championship objectives.

As several rivals alternated at the top, nobody scored massively to escape in the standings. ”We're still in the early phase of the season and our pace looks promising. We worked efficiently within the team and I'm confident we can live up to our potential from Round 2 onwards” said a dejected Nicolae, already counting down the days that separate us from the next outing at Road America.

Driver standings: 1. Moldovan 43p... 6. Nicolae 25p... 18. Ursan 2p

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