Histria eSports Team is born to compete in Racing League Romania

West Competition Racing negotiated a comprehensive activation plan for the new RLR partner, as Crama Histria joins the virtual show with a dedicated team and full involvement in celebration success.

Crama Histria discovered the Romanian racing scene last year, when WCR manager Alexandru Șiclovan introduced them to the endurance championship. Following the same path of consolidated trust, an agreement to move on towards sim racing has been reached, which involves trackside advertising for the new partner, integration in all media products and a great package of prizes for all the podium occupants from now on.

The most important image vector will be the creation of the Histria eSports Team, running in a distinctive race livery with prominent references to the Ammos wine collection in the beginning of the partnership. Two youngsters aspire to get the Histria cars as high as they can in the televised main events: dental surgeon Mihnea Hiru and motorcycling ace George Cațan.

Both have recently joined the Racing League Romania phenomenon: Cațan showed great pace at his Norisring debut last Sunday, where he alreayd scored 6 championship points. Meanwhile, Hiru started a few days later with some impressive times on the Nordschleife, where this weekend's round will take place. The pair got some extra motivation as they were presented with the new designs, but they know all too well that representation also brings added pressure.

There are high hopes from all sides - both the WCR seniors, the management of Crama Histria and the drivers themselves see a bright future ahead, as RLR positions itself in the top seat to capitalize on the forced isolation. And is there a better way to celebrate your success on a virtual track than a glass of fine Romanian wine?

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